Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Rights and Wrongs of Yard Signs

If you didn't know there was an election on the near horizon in Farmers Branch, you'd realize it now based on all the yard signs that have popped up all over town. I know that candidate for Mayor Tim O'Hare and candidate for City Council Harold Froehlich have already handed out their first printing of signs, and are now filling requests with their second large batch. And all the signs placed by Tim O'Hare and Harold Froehlich are done so only after either receiving permission or being directly requested by the homeowner. You would assume the other candidates follow the same policy, right?

Not so fast.

Today at the Easter egg hunt at Tim and Harold's campaign headquarters on Webb Chapel, Tim O'Hare's opponent Gene Bledsoe was knocking doors across the street seeking permission to place yard signs. Curiously, he placed his sign in the yard of a vacant house that already had Tim O'Hare and Harold Froehlich signs. Several of the volunteers working the Easter egg hunt saw him place the sign,and one remarked: "That's my sister-in-law's house." She called her sister-in-law who confirmed that no permission had been given to Mr. Bledsoe to place the sign, and that is should be removed immediately.

This isn't the first report I've been given of Mr. Bledsoe placing his sign in the yards of vacant houses. So when you're driving through town and see a house with a Bledsoe sign, don't assume that's a Bledsoe supporter. It might just be an empty, vacant house, with an owner who wasn't given the opportunity to deny the request.

Tim Scott



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