Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Dallas Morning News Changes their Headline...

So, after a representative from ICE called the Dallas Morning News to tell them their story was wrong, and that the city of Farmers Branch was indeed in the 287(g) program, the editors at the paper made some minor changes to their story, and changed their headline to "FB Officer to Get Immigration Law Training."

I guess they just can't bring themselves to use the same language and enthusiasm to tell the truth about our city. Yesterday, it was the harsh and definitive language of the headline "Farmers Branch Denied!" When confronted with the truth, the respond with the dainty and innocuous "FB Officer to Get Training." Not "Farmers Branch the First Metroplex City Accepted in 287(g)."

I haven't seen a hard copy of the paper today (I don't subscribe), can someone tell me if they ran another story in the actual paper today, clarifying themselves?

Tim Scott


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