Friday, June 6, 2008

D-Day Anniversary

June 6, 1944, the day US and Allied forces threw themselves against the German Army in the invasion of Normandy. We should all be grateful to all the men and women who sacrificed so much, so that we can live in freedom and liberty.

Here's a great speech, don't miss it.

Tim Scott


Redevelopment: Full Speed Ahead!

I'm excited about the work that is being done around redevelopment in Farmers Branch. The need for increased grocery, retail, and restaurant options, and for affordable Senior Housing, is a common theme I hear from all residents. We've been listening, and we're moving full speed ahead.

You can read two articles about the exciting efforts underway here and here.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Dallas Orchestra in the Park was Fantastic!

I hope you were able to be at this event. Wow. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra was great, and the fireworks were fabulous. What a great event in Farmers Branch!

More pictures here.

Tim Scott


Mayor's Day in Farmers Branch

In conjunction with the dedication of the Dodson House Historical designation, May 31 was proclaimed "Mayor's Day" in Farmers Branch. All living past (and present) Mayor's were in attendance. They are, left to right, Dave Blair, Lawson Lewis, George Grimmer, Bob Phelps, and Tim O'Hare.

Tim Scott

Dodson House Historical Marker Dedication

We value our heritage and our history in Farmers Branch.

Saturday night was the unveiling of a new Historical Marker at the Dodson House in our Historical Park. This house was the residence of William Dodson, the first Mayor of Farmers Branch. The house was built in 1937.

In January of 1946, William Dodson learned that the City of Dallas planned to annex the Farmers Branch community, and he and his neighbors circulated a petition for a local incorporation election. Citizens voted their approval, and the City of Farmers Branch was born, and Mr. Dodson was elected the first Mayor. Three of the very first City Council meetings were held in the Dodson House.

Maude Dodson, William's wife, lived in the home until 1983, before donating it to the City to become the core of what is now the Historical Park.

Great work by our Historical Preservation and Restoration Board to secure the Historical Marker, and in putting on a great event.

More pictures of the event can be found here.

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