Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Word is Getting Out

All of us who live in Farmers Branch know what a wonderful community we have, and I wanted to share an email I received from a prospective resident that concisely summarizes where we are as a city. We have such a strong foundation of neighborhoods, parks, and city services, and are on the cusp of an explosive renaissance in line with our most aggressive dreams. Here's what I take from this letter:

1. The word is getting out. Farmers Branch is on the rise.
2. We still have work to do, and that's why its imperative that we continue to market the city, and work with home owners and developers to help them be successfil.
3. This election is of paramount importance. The last thing we need is a Mayor or City Council member who doesn't share the vision of FB, and would rather return us to a do-nothing, "all is well" approach. We need leaders who have been involved in making Farmers Branch what is it, and what it is becoming. Tim O'Hare and Harold Froehlich.
4. Notice the line "As soon as I gave them these details their eyes lit up." People are excited when they hear what is happening in our city. We're on the right track, and we need to stay on it, full speed ahead!


Tim Scott

From a Prospective Citizen:

"We are meeting a second time with a Branch Crossing builder today to look at his house. My wife was impressed with Branch Crossing, the near by parks and highway access. I just learned of your city's hospital/medical authority and new medical contract. Farmers Branch is a "forgotten gem" based on our conversations with Dallas friends over dinners and events this week at the Mansion on Turtle Creek and Fearings/Ritz.

"For your information and use -- Many of our friends are trying to discourage us
from considering Farmers Branch because they said that time has passed Farmers
Branch by 10-15 yrs ago. It was hot 25 years ago but now Farmers Branch is just
an old community that is regressive and not progressive. They all read the media
about the immigration issue and that has negatively affected their opinion of
Farmers Branch ---even though they agree with the position of Farmers Branch. None
of my friends who own businesses in Dallas and or Plano and other lifelong
dallasites knew about the recent news articles within the past 10 days
about the developments between Galleria to Mercer Crossing and the planning for
train service between Frisco and Irving via Farmers Branch...
As soon as I gave them these details their eyes lit up.

"Our local friend's opinions and reaction to Farmers Branch reminded my wife and
I of the reaction we received when we relocated to Los Angeles and asked friends
about locating at Marina del Rey community. Everyone including real estate
"experts" discouraged us from considering Marina del Rey because it was a
depressed and run down community etc. After we went to Marina del Rey, we
quickly realized that none of these folks apparently have recently visited the
new Marina del Rey with multi million dollar condo buildings and new shopping
centers etc etc...To this day many Beverly Hills and West /Brentwood Los Angeles
residents still look down on Marina del Rey because they do not know better.

"All of this to say that I highly recommend Farmers Branch to continue to invest
and probably increase funds to market/publicize the renaissance of Farmers
Branch using the internet, internet videos and routine marketing tools. I also
would recommend to have training sessions in the future with DFW real estate
agents (especially those who work with relocation clients) in order to educate
them on the new Farmers Branch.

"If we can negotiate a fair price for the house, we hope to be Farmers Branch



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