Monday, December 31, 2007

Four Corners Master Plan

One of the most important issues to almost every citizen I speak to is redevelopment at the Four Corners, the interection of Josey and Valley View. Bringing renewed retail and restaurant options to Farmers Branch in this area is a top priority to this council, and one that we feel is vital to out city. If you haven't already reviewed the Four Corners Master Plan, you can do so here. Know that this council and the city staff are working hard to make the vision of a vibrant "downtown" in the center of our city a reality.

Tim Scott


Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Dallas Morning News Does it Again

I'll let you draw your own conclusions about their choice of Texans of the Year. You can probably guess how I feel about this ridiculous decision and corresponding pandering article. Oh, sorry, I was going to let you draw your own conclusions.

My favorite sentence: "Especially here in Texas, his strong back and willing heart help form the cornerstone of our daily lives." Huh?!?

Update: Here's a great response to the DMN's feature.

Tim Scott

Friday, December 28, 2007

Great Article About FB History and Paul Daft

There's a great article in today's DMN about volunteer Paul Daft and his devotion to Keenan Cemetary. Keenan Cemetary is quite a historical treasure for Farmers Branch, please take the time to read the article, and send a note along to Mr. Daft thanking him for his years of service to the heritage of our town.

Tim Scott

Friday, December 21, 2007

Have a Merry Christmas!

Great things are happening in Farmers Branch! Thanks for your energy and support in making Farmers Branch the best place to live in the Metroplex.

Enjoy your families during holidays, see you in 2008.

Tim Scott

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pharr's Christmas Extravaganza

In addition to the fantastic lights at Holiday in the Park, we have another Christmas treat right here in Farmer Branch. If you haven't been by to check out the Christmas Extravaganza at 14535 Southern Pines Cove, you need to drop everything and do it tonight.

Ken Pharr has put together an extraordinary display of Christmas lights that are synchronized to music. How big is this display? Over 90,000 individual Christmas lights and 6.75 miles of
extension cords. Wow.

Mr. Pharr wants as many people as possible to view this display. He is also collecting non-perishable food and toys for donation to Metrocrest Social Services. To date, he has collected over 400 pounds of toys and food, and $200 in cash.

You can find out more about the display at, and here's a video clip of an interview Mr. Pharr did with WFAA Channel 8.
Merry Christmas!

Tim Scott

Monday, December 17, 2007

FB to Welcome all Service Members on Leave

Tomorrow night at the scheduled Farmers Branch City Council, the Council would like to welcome and recognize all individuals who are on leave from serving overseas in the U.S. Military. Private Chad Hall of the United States Army will be on hand, and I would welcome any and all other current U.S. Military Personnel who are Stateside to come to the meeting so that we can offer our thanks for their efforts and dedication.

If you are aware of any U.S. Military Personnel who are enjoying a well-deserved leave this Holiday season, please send me an email, and have them attend tomorrow nights City Council Meeting at 6:30pm.

And this Christmas, when you're enjoying time with your family and friends in safety and security, remember all those who have served and sacrificed so that we can live in freedom and peace.

Tim Scott

Friday, December 14, 2007

FB Fallen Officer Memorial/New Fire Station Sculpture

There are two important projects in Farmers Branch that each citizen can play an instrumental role in completing.

On August 27, 1983, Farmers Branch police officer L.C. Tribble was killed in the line of duty. Although vigorously investigated, this murder remains unsolved. And while we are very thankful that no other officer in Farmers Branch has lost their life while serving the community in the 24 years since, we should never forget that these courageous men and women put their lives on the line on a daily basis. To honor fallen Officer Tribble, and all the men and women who place themselves in danger for each of us, we are constructing a Tribble Memorial on the grounds of the Justice Center, at the corner of Valley View and Marsh. This picture is an artist's rendering of the memorial.

The other group of individuals who lay their lives on the line for the sake of others are our firefighters. We have an outstanding group of men and women serving in our firefighting corps, and as a key aspect of our new, state-of-the-art fire station opening in January, we want to include a sculpture in their honor. This sculpture will be dedicated to all the brave individuals who pull on the firefighters equipment and charge into dangerous places in order to save the lives of anyone in peril. I think you will agree that this is an outstanding statue, and is a perfect fit in Farmers Branch. We have a committed and hard-working group of individuals responsible for the outstanding sculptures you see around town today. I want us to have the resources to fill our town with artwork that beautifies the city, and speaks to the high esteem we hold for the ones who make our lives and lifestyle possible.

If you would like to contribute to either the Tribble Memorial, or the Firefighter sculpture, or both, please send a check to:

Farmers Branch City Hall
Attn: Cindee Peters, Tribble Memorial/Firefighter Sculpture
13000 William Dodson Parkway
Farmers Branch, TX 75234

Thank you!
Tim Scott

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Liberty Plaza Dedication - Pictures

The flag at Liberty Plaza is raised!

The dedication and ground-breaking of Liberty Plaza last Friday was a great event. Many thanks and congratulations to Traci Leach and the rest of the City staff for pulling this event together! If you haven't been by to see the flag, you need to drive over and see it for yourself. It's quite a site, at 30ft x 60ft, flying high above what will be a signature park for the city, and standing as a beacon for Farmers Branch.
I've put several pictures up of the flag from last Friday, you can find them here:

Great things are happening in Farmers Branch!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Judge Dismisses Monetary Damages Claim

You are all well aware that the City of Farmers Branch has been invovled in several lawsuits relating to the passage of Ordinance 2903. There are multiple plantiffs, including the owners of the Villas at Parkside apartments. This plantiff was seeking monetary damages, claiming that the talk of the ordinance was driving potential residents away and hurting the business. During last May's election, the opposition to Ordinance 2903 (and the lawyers at Bickel and Brewer) boasted long and loud that this ordinace would cost the city millions of dollars in legal fees and damages. Well, yesterday, Judge Lindsay ruled that the plantiffs are not entitled to receive any monetary damages. This is great news.

You can access the opinion here:

Tim Scott

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Liberty Plaza Groundbreaking Event

I want to invite everyone to come to an exciting event in Farmers Branch this Friday: the flag dedication and groundbreaking for Liberty Plaza! This new park is located directly behind the Dallas Stars Center, and will be the first thing people see when riding into Farmers Branch on the soon-to-arrive DART Train. Here's the press release issued by the city with the details, hope to see you there!

“Texas-sized” U.S. Flag to be dedicated at Liberty Plaza Groundbreaking ceremonies December 7December 5, 2007

Unfurling on a 150-foot pole, a 30 by 60-foot American Flag will be the centerpiece of the patriotic tribute to be known as Liberty Plaza, an entryway to the City of Farmers Branch that will be seen for miles.

Everyone is invited as Mayor Bob Phelps and the City Council will be on hand to dedicate the flagpole and to break ground for the future development of Liberty Plaza on Friday, December 7 at 10 a.m., at the site, 12300 North Stemmons Freeway, just south of the Dr PepperStarCenter, where parking for the event will be available. Future expansion of Liberty Plaza may include a water feature, walking path, artwork, meditation areas, trees, landscaping and more.


Arrests of Illegal Immigrants Double in DFW

From today's DMN, new ICE fugutive operations teams more than doubled the aount of illegal immigrants in North Texas during the last fiscal year. Last year, ICE made 606 arrests, this year, that number surged to 1,635. Here's the link:

Seems like a nice move forward for ICE. Bear in mind ICE is so overburdened they can't accept all the illegal immigrants turned over to them via the CAP program.

And this last week from the Austin American-Statesman: Half of all Foreign-born immigrants in Texas are illegal.

According to the article, half of the 3.5 million immigrants in the State of Texas are here illegally.



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