Friday, August 1, 2008

Jobs Elimintated

I appreciate the hard work of Gary Greer and the other leaders on the FB City staff. They had some very tough decisions to make, decisions that had an impact on individuals who have worked for the city and served its citizens. I appreciate the dedication and service of those individuals who were affected by these budget decisions.

The city - first and foremost - exists to serve it's citizens. We have the lowest municipal cost and tax burden than any other in the metroplex. Energy costs and state mandates have increased our expenses exponentially. The other options available to the city are to cut services or raise taxes. I don't want to see us do either of those.

I thank Gary Greer for being proactive in developing a budget for 2008-2009 that maintains the level of services our citizens expect and deserve.

And regarding legal fees...we're paying double our total legal fees this year to paint a water tower. These decisions are not being driven by our upholding the law and carrying out the will of the people.



Blogger Amy said...

So, what actually happened? I have heard about any job losses or money issues...apparantly I am out of the loop.

August 3, 2008 at 7:59 PM 

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