Tuesday, August 21, 2007

FB Police Working closely with ICE

"The message is, 'If you're in this country, in this city illegally, don't get arrested, and don't be committing other crimes,' " Chief Sid Fuller

While the Federal Government drags his feet on implementing the 287(g) program, our FB Police Department is aggressively working with ICE to identify and process all Illegal Aliens who pass through the Criminal Justice Center.

Through the Immigration Alien Query, every person processed through the FB jail is asked if they are a U.S. Citizen. If they are not, their info is run through the National Crime Information Computer, and all wanted Illegal Aliens are turned over to ICE.

Since August of '05, the FB Police Department has turned over 247 individuals to ICE, and Chief Fuller thinks that as the force gets more accustomed to the procedures and systems, they will get more efficient.

This is good news. As a council we are commmitted to finding all available ways to enforce our laws and make our city safe for our residents.

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