Monday, August 13, 2007

Major Development Projects in Farmers Branch

I'm not the only FB City Councilman with his own blog. I urge everyone to check out Mayor Pro Tem Tim O'Hare's blog at:

His latest post is about several of the major development projects that are either ongoing or on the near horizon here in FB. Go read it, and I guarantee you'll get as excited about what's happening in Farmers Branch as I am!

Tim Scott



Anonymous sd said...

Like I said on Tim's blog I am more concerned on what is happening IN Farmers Branch, not what is happening around or on the horizon! Care to comment on what is being done for those of us who live in the city.

August 18, 2007 at 4:52 AM 
Blogger Tim Scott, City Council, Place 1 said...

SD -

These developments will directly benefit everyone who lives in the city. Please don't take a short-sighted view of this, development takes time, but all our citizens stand to benefit greatly by the slate of activities that are in motion.

Regarding your comment about what is happening "around" Farmers Branch, I am guessing you are referring to the development that is occuring on our outer edges. Farmers Branch is bigger than most people think, ranging from the North Dallas Tollway to the George Bush Parkway.

Development on the East and West sides of town will. Those developments will do several things:

-Bring additional property taxes, allowing us to build upon the unsurpassed municipal services that we provide to our citizens at little or no cost.

-Additional residents will increase the overall spending power of Farmers Branch, thus making it more attractive for retailers - including grocery stores - to locate in the city.

-Developments on either side of town will influence revitalization throughout the core of town, influencing property values and making investment in Farmers Branch more likely.

-Active developments across our city will increase the viability of an outstanding DART Rail station development, making Farmers Branch a destination location.

Make no mistake, redevelopment on both sides of Farmers Branch is a catalyst for growth across the city.

Regarding your request for information on "what is being done for those" in the city, there's a ton of great things happening, but I'd like to hear from you what you'd like to see. What are you looking for?

Tim Scott

August 18, 2007 at 6:10 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Believe me when I say I am not taking a short shighted view. I think the activity that is going on is great but it is still years aways.

New Fire stations, more police, new animal shelter and Dart are all great additions to our city as is all the new money that will be generated by all the buiding of new businesses on the outskirts of town.

But what about all the money that is leaving the city because the residents have to go to Carrollton, Dallas or Las Colinas/Irving to shop.

I would like to see the city cleaned up (yes I know it's being worked on)but there are things that could be done (I think) to at least make the city more pleasing to the eye.

Business signage - why can't there be guidlines. It looks like you can throw anytype of sign you want to advertise whatever type of business you have.
How about a few businesses that appeal to all the residents of Farmers Branch. Less five and dime shops and more anchor retailers! But we all know that in order to get bigger retaiers there are a lot of things that have to change and that those things are "in the works".

I know that there is 50% more code violations being handed out than a year ago but that doesn't mean the people are doing what is asked! We all know how the code system works, you get one, then another and then a third before you really have to do anything.

I don't want to see blue, pink, orange or lime green houses!

I don't want to see anymore washateria's or bakeries.

I don't want to see anymore houses being turned into "churches"

I want to less parked cars on the streets.

I want even start on the fact that our schools have dropped in rating.

I know that the city didn't get in this shape over night and that it won't be cleaned up overnight but we need to see movement in that direction.

Can code violations be posted online, can health violations be posted online, can building violations be posted online. Is there a way to let the residents know what the city doing. (I'm sure the privacy act covers all this and helps those who are violaters stay anonymous)

I'm sure you've heard all this before and I'm sure you will hear it all again. appreciate your time and look forwardc to your reply.


August 22, 2007 at 6:39 PM 
Blogger Tim Scott, City Council, Place 1 said...

SD -

Are you reading the City Council's notes? Your agenda is the same as ours. I wish we could turn these things around much quicker, but believe me when I say we are driving things as quickly as possible. Ask the city staff - I think they would tell you that we have elevated the expectations regarding the speed with which things get things done.

For example, at last night's city council meeting, we told the staff to come back to us with a new ordinance that will tighten the rules about business signs, aimed at getting rid of all the hand-painted signs that you see around town.

We have a very aggressive beautification agenda, and the new budget (which we'll vote on in September) includes hundreds of thousands of dollars for multiple beautification projects: a new rose garden on Valley View, monuments at the major intersections leading into FB, improved street signs like the ones in Branch Crossing for other neighborhoods, etc.

We're also working to get improved retail into town, but the cold, hard facts are that developers don't think they can make it work in the center of town yet, and to make it work, we need to increase the spending power of our population. More residential redevelopment will drive commercial development.

Regarding code enforcement, the code city is making a comprehensive presentation to the council within the month. I want code enforcement stepped up and aggressively enforced. With our new automated system and clear expectations, I believe we've set the groundwork for that.

I'm with you: I want everything to happen before the end of the year. I don't always understand why things can't happen quicker, but this council is driving hard to get things turned around in the very near term.

I'm also right with you on our public schools. I'm meeting in September with Superintendent Griffin to discuss our TAKS performance and high drop-out rate. And I would love to find a driven individual who could take the lead in investigating Charter School options for FB.

Progress is around the corner. If it isn't, I promise you won't be as upset as I will be.

Tim Scott

August 22, 2007 at 7:38 PM 

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