Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Yard of the Month Program

Do you find yourself spending all your free time working in your yard? Are you proud of your Azaleas and Crepe Myrtles and Japanese Maples? Well, the City of Farmers Branch wants to reward you for your hard work and dedication to making your personal property contribute to our reputation as a "City in a park."

The City has rolled out a new "Yard of the Month" club, here's the information from the City's web site:

How is your yard looking?

The City of Farmers Branch seeks to improve the overall beauty of the City by encouraging neighborhood beautification. The Yard of the Month program will recognize homeowners who add beauty to their neighborhood with the landscaping and upkeep of their yard.

The City will award four nominees, in each quadrant of the City, as the Yard of the Month. Each award winner will be given a yard sign to display for one month and a $100 Turner Hardware gift certificate. Pictures of the award winners will be placed on the Farmers Branch web site and names will be listed in The Branch Review.

Nominee applications must be turned in one week prior to the last Friday of the month. Judges will travel to the nominated locations and choose a winner the same day. The winner will be notified immediately and the sign and gift certificate will be given to them that following Friday.

Residents’ yards may be nominated more than once per month and during the year. However, a residents’ yard may only be awarded Yard of the Month one time per year. The program year runs January through December.

You can access the application form for consideration as "Yard of the Month" here:

This is a great program that I hope all residents take advantage of.

Tim Scott



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