Thursday, February 28, 2008

New FB Logo: Memo from Gary Greer, City Manager

I love our new Farmers Branch city logo. I think it effectively illustrates all we are as a city: a nice mix of homes and commercial districts, surrounded by parks and trees. I think it symbolizes who we are as a city, and where we're going.

I've heard some concern about the costs associated with the logo change. As is so often the case, those concerns include costs that are greatly inflated. City Manager Gary Greer prepared a memo last week outlining the history behind the logo change, the reasons the logo change was pursued, and the real costs associated with the transition and implementation across the city. You can read that memo here.

The bottom line: the city will spend an estimated $177, 235.35 over the next three years to introduce our new image. That's roughly $59,000 a year.

Money well spent.

Tim Scott


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