Monday, February 25, 2008

High Profile Intersection: Valley View and Webb Chapel

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I receive almost daily questions about the soon-to-be-removed house at the Southwest corner of Webb Chapel and Valley View, and what will happen to that lot. The city owns that property, as well as the property at the corner of Nestle and Valley View, and sold the houses to a company that is relocating them. One of this council's goals is to build upon the great foundation we have in our wonderful parks, and continue to accentuate and improve the aesthetic beauty of our city. We are going to use these lots as landscaped "parks" that further beautify our city, and continue to build our brand as a "city in a park." These lots won't be parks in the sense that they are designed to be visited, but instead will showcase landscape features that will be visibile to the tens of thousands of people who drive down our major east-west roadway on a daily basis. It's exciting, and the type of thing you will see more and more of going forward.

Have a great week!
Tim Scott


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