Friday, February 22, 2008

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Local realtor Gene Bledsoe announced yesterday that he is running for Mayor of Farmers Branch, challenging widely popular Mayor Pro Tem Tim O’Hare. I worked closely with Mr. Bledsoe when we were members of the Branch Revitalization Task Force, and have definite opinions about why he is the wrong person to lead this city, and why electing him would undermine all of the exciting progress we are making. But there’s time for that.

Today I want to call attention to Mr. Bledsoe’s relationships and campaign confidants.

Mr. Bledsoe is quoted here saying that our citizen’s stance against illegal immigration wouldn’t benefit the city, and would simply be “buying swimming pools for lawyers.” The lawyers he’s referring to are from the law firm of Bickel and Brewer, who bankrolled the opposition to Ordinance 2903 last Spring, and were soundly defeated at the ballot box. Bickel and Brewer represent multiple lawsuits filed against the city, and rely heavily for PR on their former Director of Communications, Travis Carter. Mr. Carter was also the leader of the ill-fated opposition to Ordinance 2903, the one Bickel and Brewer funded. Well, at Mr. Bledsoe’s press conference, guess who was at his side, giving advice and crafting his message? Travis Carter.

So while mocking the city for defending itself against frivolous lawsuits, Mr. Bledsoe is receiving counsel and support from the very people bringing these lawsuits.

So who’s side is Mr. Bledsoe really on? The vast and vocal majority of the citizens of Farmers Branch, or the self-serving law firm repeatedly suing the city? I know which side Mr. Bledsoe is on, though I’m not sure he even realizes it. And that’s even more troubling. Welcome to the Bledsoe team, Bickel and Brewer.

Also lending support at the press conference was previously unsuccessful City Council candidate Jose Galvez. Mr. Galvez was the candidate propped up in last Spring’s elections by activist and convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla. You remember Mr. Quintanilla, the organizer of multiple protests against Farmers Branch, and noted scofflaw, who was arrested on multiple outstanding warrants in Dallas County when trying to lead a protest against the city of Irving. Welcome to the Bledsoe Team, gentlemen.

It’s no secret that Mr. Bledsoe has met repeatedly with business owner and Dallas resident Elizabeth Villafranca to discuss ways to thwart this City Council’s desire to carry out the mandate of our citizens. Mrs. Villafranca was also lending her support to Mr. Bledsoe at his press conference. Mrs. Villafranca is an outspoken critic of Farmers Branch, and was the President of the Farmers Branch chapter of LULAC, until she resigned during last year’s election campaign, partly due to the fiasco of filing a sworn affidavit and perjuring herself, accusing me of intimidating her and scaring her young daughter. (You can rehash that charade here.) It was a total lie, the first of several. When my attorney tried to get her under oath to tell the truth, she dodged the subpoena like a squirrel dodging cars on a busy street. Welcome to the Bledsoe team, Mrs. Villafranca.

This is an important election for farmers Branch. Maybe the most important, because the foundation has been laid for the incredible hometown we all want: more parks, more retail, more development, all within the fiscal security of our pay-as-you-go budget. We don’t need a Mayor who takes advice from the very outsiders who have consistently put the will of the people in their cross-hairs and pulled the trigger, disparaging our citizens and wasting our time.

Mr. Bledsoe is the wrong candidate for many reasons. Who he’s listening to and who he’s serving is one of the biggest.

Tim Scott


Blogger Obama Watcher said...

Great article Tim! I'm a huge fan of Mr. O'Hare, and I am excited about voting for him in May (by absentee ballot from Ft. Sill).

February 22, 2008 at 10:10 AM 

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