Thursday, January 24, 2008

Links for Friday

The campaign season is just around the corner, here's some interesting reading for your Friday.

In mayoral run, O'Hare's focus is Farmers Branch development

This is an interesting article about the effect of illegal immigration in urban areas. One finding to note is this:

Former mechanic Anderson felt the effects of low-wage immigrant competition in his old line of work. “I used to sell parts to body shops, and I knew Americans who were making $20 an hour repairing dented fenders,” he says. “Now, 95 percent of South Central L.A. body-shop jobs are held by recent immigrants making $7 or $8 an hour.” Says Joe Hicks, former chair of Los Angeles’s Human Relations Commission and now head of the nonprofit Community Advocates: “It’s hard to find a black face on a construction site or in a fast-food restaurant around here any more. People from the black community have noticed.”

Carlos Quintanilla is making the rounds again, you can learn more about him here and here and here.


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