Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dear Citizens of Farmers Branch:

Dear Citizens of Farmers Branch:

As April is drawing to a close, the vast majority of our friends and neighbors are quietly
going about their business, driving to work, taking their kids to school, attending
activities at the Senior Center, and finding time to make it to City Hall to take advantage
of early voting, while a small minority of citizens are flooding the city with vitriol, anger,
character assassination, and unabashed dishonesty. Must be election time in Farmers

How one reacts to desperation says much about a personʼs character. When youʼre
desperate, are you willing to set aside your values, your honesty and integrity, in order
to cling to a fading hope? Will you say anything and do anything to get what you want,
regardless of what it does to others or your own reputation? Sadly, weʼre witnessing
one ugly answer to that question.

Candidateʼs Bledsoe and Rendon and their supporters find themselves racked with

No doubt youʼve received several pieces of angry political propaganda. I canʼt tell how
much Iʼve wanted to fire off email after email to you, slashing to pieces each and every
dishonest diatribe that Mr. Bledsoe and Mr. Rendon have circulated in the last few
weeks, but that would be too easy. Besides, I have complete confidence that the
citizens of Farmers Branch know the truth, and donʼt need me to point out every lie that
is told to them. Youʼre smarter than that.

And Iʼm not desperate; Iʼm confident. Iʼm confident in Tim OʼHare, Iʼm confident in
Harold Froehlich, Iʼm confident in the present and future of Farmers Branch, and most
importantly, Iʼm confident in you, my friends and neighbors of Farmers Branch. You
recognize progress, leadership and truth when you see it. Iʼm confident you see those
things in Tim OʼHare and Harold Froehlich.

And Iʼm confident you donʼt see it in desperate people or desperation politics. I am
confident that you will reject desperation politics, and the anger, dishonesty, and
character assassination that goes along with it.

Early voting continues through next Tuesday, May 6, election day is Saturday, May 10.
Please vote for progress, leadership, and truth. Vote for Tim OʼHare and Harold

Tim Scott
Farmers Branch City Council, Place 1



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